I watched the movie “Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara” today(2/10/2013) in fame theater. I went to the movie with much expectations from actor Vijay Sethupathy. Obviously he did not disappoint me. His character was well framed. Also this movie has a [Strong?] message “Do not Drink”.


The movie starts with describing Sumar Moonji Kumar’s (SMK) (Vijay Sethupathy) love and Bala’s (Ashwin) love. Both these loves are like an expanding rubber which failed to gather the attention from the audience. The interesting part in the first half is Pasupathi’s comedy and repeated “Kumutha happy” dialogue from SMK. At the end of the first half Bala collides with a lady who was pregnant after 9 years due to drunk and drive. That heart breaking incident made me to think that he deserves severe punishment but he did not get any punishment 😦 only because he is the hero (and hence the strength of the message reduces).

In the second half, Bala goes in search of a blood donor (SMK) since that blood group is a rare one and only SMK is the available blood donor near. Because if he save the pregnant woman his lover will return to him(what a logic sir ji !). In the mean time SMK goes in search of alcohol after 11pm. As this story runs there is an odd (cheap) [of course any story is valid if it is for comedy] story of two persons murdering a man for a single woman(yuck). Mobile of SMK unfortunately goes to that murderers. So Bala could not easily contact him for donating blood.  Finally what happens is the rest of the story .

The two gana songs were  nice to hear. While watching the movie I was only waiting for SMK character to return to the scene. Other characters did not impress me well. The baby character was worst but her acting was good. Basker’s character was nice but with missing logics.  Soori disappointed me. Another comedy by SMK’s friend trying to depict Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kanom movie’s repeated dialog theme did not impress me. Overall  this movie is a medium family entertainer.